Rashawn Walker

Rashawn Walker, founder and facilitator for 1On1, began Walker Presents 1ON1 in 2018. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, he wanted to create a platform to help people navigate their spaces differently amid uncertainty, chaos, and change by centering wellness and interconnected life experiences.

Rashawn began his walk with wellness at Gifted Talented 7 (GT7) nonprofit as a trained and certified meditation guide. He provided daily sessions to help change the narrative of young men of color utilizing meditation practices and skill-building. 


Rashawn incorporates former educational and professional experiences such as being a dean of students, teacher, and athletic coach to build evidence-based programming and workshops for students, administrators, athletes, organizations, and leaders that are connected to social and environmental factors and impact (real-life experiences). However, his wisdom and practice is rooted and informed by experiences with his own connection to and work with community and gun violence, incarcerated friends and families, racial trauma and racism to name a few. 

Rashawn has facilitated sessions and workshops with diverse groups of people and in various spaces across the country, including places like California, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. Working with various age ranges, he has tapped into and facilitated workshops with small and large universities, such as Penn State and Sierra Nevada University, and with administrators in different spaces, such as Chicago Beyond and the Gary Coleman Youth Center in Chicago.